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Our Competencies

(automotive systems and components)

Electric engineering
(automotive systems and components)

Stylistic integration
(concept, style drafts, CAD surfaces) 

(structural and kinematic validation)

(automotive and general lighting)

(mechanical and electronic)

(engines and sink systems)

SSSSSome Cases

- help to define and support  the definition an planning of Vehicle,
system or component developments

- support to  define specifications of new automotive components
(mechanical, electrical, electronic)

- co-operate to plan, organize and perform vehicle or component
testing either on road, track or laboratory

- backing defect analysis on vehicles and components

- aid to perform cost analysis and lead cost reduction activities
on mass production components and vehicles

- provide electric system design for either mass production or race applications

- consulting for design and set-up of data acquisition systems and telemetry

- offer solutions for automotive mechanisms and structures like valve timing systems, crankshafts, suspensions and frames